Who are we?





Abigail Children International, has a Vision, to become an institution that contributes to the development of a happy life owed to the vulnerable children, adolescents and the severely marginalized of Latin America, and build them up to become healthy, positive beings, with principles and human values capable of breaking the circle of poverty and social exclusion that affects them now and provide them with the skills to tackle the future, and positively contribute to the development of society.

We also pursue the promotion and creation of a culture that respects the rights of children and supports public policies that guarantee them.





Develop projects, programs and actions aimed at improving the living conditions of children and adolescents in extreme poverty, through Social assistance programs, education, and values training.

Values and principles


A. We believe in spiritual values

B. We believe in solidarity

C. We believe in children's rights

D. We believe in family values

E. We believe in sustainable development


  1. To improve the living conditions of the children and adolescents of extreme poverty in Latin America, as well as their relatives...

  2. Promote and support public policies and laws that contribute to the strengthening of the rights of our children and adolescents, as well as their inclusion in the proposals, strategies and economic model developed in Latin America.