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We are a public non-profit organization existing under the tax-exempt 501(c3), we specialize in working with children and their families who suffer from disabilities, domestic violence, and poverty in our communities and around the world, in places such as Mexico, San Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and The United States. With your donation, we can help these kids together by providing them with the skills, tools and safe environment to grow and become wonderful adults. 


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Donate and change a child life.

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A Little Goes a Long Way

 A little help goes a long way with yours we can feed and clothe abandoned children, build training centers and develop programs for out of work families and kids struggling with attaining education. With just your help we can make a difference in the lives of our children and neighbors, so please help us help each other.

Be part and volunteer

We Can't do this without your help; Abigail Children International House Inc., humanitarian relief work depends on a vast movement of supporters including organizationscorporate partnersvolunteers and, of course, donors.

Donation Pick up in Nevada.

We offer this pick-up service for your convenience! If you wish to donate but have no way of coming to us then we come to you! Call our offices and simply schedule a day and time for us to pick up your donation items and we will pick them up for you.  

Our main goal as a non-profit organization is to be able to help children from all over the world succeed in life without discrimination.   We plan to develop programs to assist families to grow strong and confident in their society.



Abigail Children International House Inc, is an organization that is dedicated to contribute in the development and in the success of vulnerable and marginalized children around the world, by helping them to become healthy, and live a life full of possibilities.

Our Community Outreach


Focusing in orphanages and recreational children's centers in order to bring children to their maximum capacity and development, along with a sports program in a summer camp called: Abigail Children Camp for ages 4 to 14 for intercultural growth; But we can't do this alone we need your help.

Family Intervention



We want to develop a work plan to reduce child abuse and neglect, to reduce stress in families that can lead to mistreatment and abandonment.  Working with single moms that need assistant in how to prepared there kids for the future, we want to be their support and their guide. 

Our Objectives


To become a center of prevention of child neglect and abuse and to help families to be safe, strong and stable by helping parents to grow to their full potential. Furthermore, our main goal as a charity non-profit organization is to help our children to reach their top capability, by providing them all the tools we can for them to be able to succeed in life. 





With your help, we will be able to turn the lives of these
children around for the better.

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Our staff are in the office and available to answer your questions.


Phone: 702-430-8606

Registered Charity: 501(3) Tax Exempt

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