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    We are working to ensure the best possible care and support for all these children living with a complex health condition.Donate Now
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    Education is the road for children to reach their full potential in life. Many children around the world do not get a quality education where they can learn.Donate Now
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Abigail Children International House Inc. is a nonprofit institution founded in 2004 to help the world’s children. Currently we are present help in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States of America.

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Shelter for Homeless Children

The mission of this shelter will be to provide emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect or homelessness.
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There are children in various communities in need whose parents or guardians lack the economic resources to sustain food and education. Many of these children are of school age and need the resources to obtain educational materials, uniforms, food and specialized guidance.

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